Hi, Stay! ¡Welcome to SKZFLIX! This is a website made for stay by stay.We had the idea of making SKZFLIX because of the video they uploaded on stay's 2nd anniversary in 2020, where in the beginning you can see the SKZFLIX logo. We thought it would be cool if something like it was real!In this website we share links to the official videos and when the show has not been uploaded officially, we try to search it with English subtitles. If you know where to watch a program/show with subtitles in another language, you can send them to us and we'll check it.We recommend using SKZFLIX on your computer or your phone in "desktop site" mode.If there's something that's not working, please tell us!We'll keep updating SKZFLIX and we'll notify it on our Twitter: @realSKZFLIX

Frequent asked questions

- Can you make a "netflix" for x group? Making one takes a lot of time and you have to know well the group, we could make this one because Stray Kids are our ult group.- Can I make a "netxflix" for x group? Of course! If you make one you can sent it to us, we´ll love to see it. Here´s some "netflix" carrds of other groups: twitter thread- How did you made it? Here´s a video where we explained some things: SKZFLIX tutorial- Will you add more shows? We´ll try to add all the new shows they make or old shows we find, if you have any suggestion you can dm us.- Why are there not subtitles in x language? On this page we just give you links to their original content so the subtitles don´t depend on us.- In what order should I watch the programs? There's not a specific order to watch them, "Stray Kids original" and "Mnet shows" sections are in chronological order.